Healthy Eating – Simple Techniques To Liven Up Your Cooking The Healthy Way


Do you feel in order to eat healthily, you will have to succumb to bland, boring food? Many people feel this way, and it’s unfortunate because this is far from the case. While you may not be able to recreate quite the same taste like some of your favorite fatty, high calorie or high sugar foods, you can certainly eat great while sticking to your diet plan.

Let’s take a closer peek at a few of the simplest strategies that can help you eat healthily and enjoy your food at the same time…

1. Try A Marinade. When it comes to your primary protein source, one of the best strategies to add more moisture to the meat without adding tons of fat is to use a marinade.

By mixing a little olive oil along with some broth and herbs, and then allowing the meat to sit in this overnight, you’ll end up with much more juicy and tastier protein that can then be prepared on the grill, baked, or seared in a skillet.

2. Use Fresh Herbs. Speaking of herbs, these can turn any bland, boring dish into a taste sensation in a hurry. But, there’s one catch. You want to use fresh

First Aid Kit for Outdoor Use: Guidelines You Should Follow


Of course a first aid kit is a must have for every home; but you should also have an additional one ready for outdoor explorations. This is because disaster can hit you both in and outside your home and as the name implies, you may find yourself the first on the scene with a medical emergency.

Information on Pre-assembled Kits

The majority of the outdoor enthusiasts prefer pre-assembled kits. This is primarily because getting them ready doesn’t require any additional effort. In addition, having one of these ready-to-use first aid kits also means that your kit will at least have all the basics. That’s not all; according to a survey conducted recently, the pre-assembled first aid kits are actually slightly economical compared to the home-made ones. Usually, these kits remain packed in water-resistant, compact pouches, which you will be able to refill when required.

The pre-assembled units are available in different sizes. Read on to know the factors that should be considered when deciding on the size of these kits.

Size of the group: This means a small kit would be fine for a small group but the kit size must increase as the size of the group increases. We would advise you

What Is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine is an evolutionary practice that addresses the unique healthcare needs of those in the 21st century.

Rather than treating just the symptoms of any disease, functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause of disease by using an approach that focuses on the body’s systems and their primary functions. Practitioners work to engage the patient in a partnership that will lead to overall better health and wellness.

Functional medicine practitioners focus on the whole person, rather than just the isolated constellation of symptoms. This shifts medicine from traditional sick care to a more patient-centered approach. These practitioners spend a great deal of time with their patients and listen to histories, while also evaluating the environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors that may play a role in long-term health and the development of chronic disease. By doing it this way, practitioners offer their patients a unique experience in healthcare, which will lead to higher engagement and vitality for each individual.

Why is Functional Medicine Needed?

There are several reasons why functional medicine has become more and more popular in our culture. Some of these reasons include the following:

Current medical practice is aimed toward acute care (or sick care), the diagnosis and treatment of

An Exploit of the Pros and Cons of Vaccination

The world shrinks daily as more and more people gain access to social media. The concept of six degrees of separation can easily adjusted to three degrees of separation. We are in constant contact with people more now than the late 18th and 19th century. Therefore, the spread of disease can wipe out an entire city in months if not weeks. Consequently, the advent objection of parents to vaccinating their children seems counterproductive and at times willful.

Regrettably, there exist controversy regarding immunization. Many constantly connect Autism to vaccination even when several reputable medical experts debunked the report done on such a connection. Yet with established medical documentation that there is no actual connection to Autism and vaccination, mainstream media continue to link these two separate terms. The repeated exposure to inaccurate reporting mislead many parents into believing that vaccinating their child will cause Autism.

As the world shrinks and the degree gets smaller and with a review of historical black plague, vaccine becomes a necessary precaution. The recent scare of Ebola should be sufficient motivation to implement and improve the administration of vaccines. Modern day medical research has exceeded medical expectation however, research cannot guarantee good health or long life.

Sugar and Recovery From Alcohol and Drugs

One of the things I love about food and brain chemistry – psychoactive nutrition – is getting to help people with problems different from the “normal,” like losing weight. Not that losing weight isn’t a great goal, but change can be fascinating.

When I first discovered the connection between food and neurochemistry, I volunteered to teach it to women in a residential recovery program. I did that for over 2 years and loved it. The only reason I stopped was to concentrate on getting my doctorate.

And here it is many, many years later, and I’m about to start it all over again.

My training program covers how foods affect specific brain chemicals. It covers how those chemicals make us feel and behave – around food or anything else. And of course we cover how the participants can put the plan into action and stay in recovery longer, partly because they’re feeling better.

It works. If they feel great while in recovery – and if they can prevent the dreaded cravings for alcohol or drugs – the temptation to relapse is greatly reduced.

Please understand: I don’t claim my program is a cure-all when it comes to addiction recovery. But, for anyone who’s serious

What Are the Different Stages of Clinical Trials?

Many people are curious about the different stages of clinical trials, and how exactly medical studies work. They are essential for testing drugs and new treatments that are marketed for human health care. With these trials, we are able to ascertain whether drugs and treatments are suitable and safe for treating various illnesses.

There are several different stages to clinical trials, and these are known as phases. There are four phases altogether, each one aiming to test a drug or treatment in a different way, allowing for the next phase to take place.

It should be noted that there are extensive preclinical studies that take place before the main phases of the clinical trials. These involve in vitro experiments and in vivo experiments which are aimed at obtaining certain information as to the safety and efficacy of drugs. This allows the developer of the treatments to progress to its clinical trial stages if the preclinical studies permit.

The first phase of clinical trials is called phase I. It should be noted that all the phases, from I to IV, are human clinical trial phases. This differentiates them from the in vivo and in vitro tests mentioned earlier, where treatments and drugs are

A Brief Discussion on Types of Needles and Syringes

Needles and Syringes are among the most used medical apparatuses. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the most used types of these medical apparatus.

The most widely discussed classifications of syringes are non Luer Lok and Luer Lok syringes. This classification is made based on the kind of tip these units possess. The Luer-Lok syringes come equipped with tips that need needles that get twisted and locked into appropriate place. This design ensures that the needle doesn’t slip out of the syringe accidentally.

There’s another way of classifying syringes; this time we are classifying it based on the purpose it’s used for. The two most widely used types include insulin syringe and tuberculin syringe. The insulin syringes are significantly small in size and are capable of holding 0.3 to 1 ml of medication. They are usually calibrated in units instead of milliliters. The majority of the insulin syringes get calibrated up to hundred units. Another important characteristic of these syringes is that they are designed to allow seamless self-injection. They are mostly used for administering subcutaneous injections.

The other type i.e. tuberculin syringes are used to test patients for tuberculosis. The fluid in these syringes gets injected directly into

Why You Should Stop Consuming Aspartame

In a world of processed foods and artificial ingredients, toxins and chemicals can easily accumulate in the body. These built-up chemicals can lead to obesity, heart disease, migraines, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among many other ailments. Because people are now understanding the negative effects of these chemicals, they are trying to be more health conscious and live a healthier lifestyle.

Aspartame is one of the worst chemicals to put in your body. Aspartame is an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener that is made from phenylalanine and aspartic acid, both of which are amino acids. Aspartame is technically a neurotoxin, but the FDA has deemed it to be a food additive. Stating that diet soda contains a drug probably wouldn’t sell as well.

Side Effects of Aspartame:

Believe it or not, aspartame is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Continued aspartame consumption, including drinking diet soda or using artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, or Nutrasweet, can pollute the body and cause adverse side effects. These side effects include:

· Decreased Vision

· Impaired Hearing

· Tinnitus

· Headaches

· Dizziness

· Nausea

· Abdominal Pain

· Memory Loss

Symptoms of Aspartame Withdrawal:

Yes, this is a real thing. If your body gets used to a chemical, or in this case, a drug, discontinuing it from your

To Go Organic or Not?

Organic foods usually meet stringent standards regarding being grown without pesticides and artificial fertilisers. There are rules about how animals must be kept and what they can be fed and what substances can and can’t be used. If it’s certified organic, you have an assurance that it meets the regulations and that it has been inspected to prove it. If it says it’s organic then it is.

On the whole it’s better for the planet and for your body as they use fewer pesticides and people who eat organic have lower levels of pesticides in their bodies. This means there are less toxins possibly and less inflammation, depending of course on what else you put in there. No point in having organic veggies and getting ‘sloshed’ every weekend.

Usually Organic fruit and vegetables have more minerals because the soil is richer but as to whether you are getting more vitamins may be debatable because everyone is an individual. If you are not in top health these days then you probably need vitamin supplementation until you regain your health.

Organically grown food however is usually fresher and tastes better. Also it isn’t that it’s much more expensive than mass-produced food. The pricing usually

What To Know Before Taking Medical Marijuana

When it comes pain management, medical marijuana is one among alternative patients can choose. Apart from using marijuana is not a new thing to reduce pain, say that you want to get Florida Medical Marijuana, you have to become a legal patient for the cannabis therapy. There are some processes that occurs to make sure whether you are qualified enough or not for medical marijuana, and it is for some reasons are not easy.


Fortunately, in Florida and its surrounding, there is reliable solution so then, patient for Fort Lauderdale Medical Marijuana find it less hassle to buy the cannabis legally from dispensary. Choosing the right place that offers medical marijuana card, not only the card that you will get, but also recommendation for the marijuana specialist and good deals for the therapy.


Marijuana is an illegal substance depend on how people use it. Have no card or certain verified document that notify you as legal patients of Orlando Medical Marijuana, for instance, it will lead to certain awkward circumstance where you are wrongly accused as legal marijuana users in Florida. Nevertheless, marijuana is powerful resource to assist patient with cancer, HIV, and other illness to help them dealing